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Sharpening Reconciliation Leaders

to Transform the World

Meet Dr. Brenda 

I didn’t go looking for reconciliation, the call to racial reconciliation found me.

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Beginning with my days as a young college student at Rutgers University, to a seminarian at Fuller Theological Seminary, to now being a professor at Seattle Pacific University, I have been on a life-long journey that has uniquely prepared me for this ministry of racial healing and social change. For over 30 years, I have worked to create a new vision and hope for biblical reconciliation that is focused on more than fellowship with those who are different from ourselves; instead, one that centers on repair and not just tolerance, inclusion, and appreciation. 

My hope is to give the next generation practical strategies to achieve more than a temporary, external difference. Instead, I want permanent and lasting change that will extend beyond “feel good” relational moments to restore the credibility of the Church and empower Christians as ambassadors of reconciliation, who refuse to preach Jesus without justice! That’s why I’ve created this website and am so happy you’ve come to join me on this journey!

Empowered to Repair

Becoming People Who Mend Broken Systems and Heal Our Communities

Political and cultural wars are tearing communities apart. Issues such as immigration, racism, and guns are driving wedges between people and hampering Christians’ impact in the world.


In Empowered to Repair, Brenda Salter McNeil looks to the biblical story of Nehemiah for answers. There, she finds an action-based model for repairing and rebuilding our communities and transforming broken systems. 


McNeil goes beyond theories, offering practical tools Christians need for organizing, empowering, and activating people to join in God’s work of equality, reparations, and justice. She provides strategies to drive systemic changes that go beyond superficial diversity and teaches the skills needed to engage in this important work long-term, such as organizing people, leveraging resources, and avoiding burnout through rest, prayer, and self-care.


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