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Sharpening Reconciliation Leaders

to Transform the World

Leaders Cohort

Empowering the Next Generation
of Reconciliation Leaders

This 1-year journey is for emerging leaders, who are actively involved in the ministry of reconciliation. 

Church Cohort

Equipping Reconciliation Leaders
in the Church

This 6-9 month process is for who want to go deeper to facilitate systemic change in their local context. 

Watch Dr. Brenda's new interview

Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil talks about the church’s need for a renewed understanding of reconciliation and shares her own calling to empower Christians to become practitioners of reconciliation in the world.

Meet Dr. Brenda 

I didn’t go looking for reconciliation, the call to racial reconciliation found me.

Dr.Brenda _Headshot_678.jpg

Beginning with my days as a young college student at Rutgers University, to a seminarian at Fuller Theological Seminary, to now being a professor at Seattle Pacific University, I have been on a life-long journey that has uniquely prepared me for this ministry of racial healing and social change. For over 30 years, I have worked to create a new vision and hope for biblical reconciliation that is focused on more than fellowship with those who are different from ourselves; instead, one that centers on repair and not just tolerance, inclusion, and appreciation. 

My hope is to give the next generation practical strategies to achieve more than a temporary, external difference. Instead, I want permanent and lasting change that will extend beyond “feel good” relational moments to restore the credibility of the Church and empower Christians as ambassadors of reconciliation, who refuse to preach Jesus without justice! That’s why I’ve created this website and am so happy you’ve come to join me on this journey!

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“I didn't even know how lonely I was in my reconciliation work until I joined this cohort. Not only have I gained useful leadership insights, but I've been grafted into a network of strong reconciliation practitioners who keep me encouraged in my journey. Dr. Brenda's wisdom and empowerment are invaluable. Say "YES" to this investment in yourself and into the work of the kingdom!”

Bethaney Herrington
Entrepreneur & Program Director


“Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil clarifies that to speak about the centrality of justice in the story of God and in the gospel of Jesus Christ is to speak about the “wet part of the ocean!” That is to say, a Christ-like church cannot depart from the call to Christ-like justice. Therefore, she urges every church to grow in racial justice and reconciliation to reflect what the Spirit is calling the body of Christ to be for such a time as this.”

Inés Velásquez-McBryde
Pastor, The Church We Hope For


“Dr. McNeil also has a winsome way of leading others to a better understanding of the values of diversity and to promote positive relationships. In addition, I have heard Brenda speak on several occasions.  She is a wonderful communicator!  I have also worked with her in small group settings.  She is well-informed, tender yet strong, and well respected by students and staff.”

Dr. John C. Bowling
President, Olivet Nazarene University

Becoming Brave

Finding the Courage
to Pursue Racial Justice Now

Reconciliation is not true reconciliation without justice!


Brenda Salter McNeil has come to this conviction as she has led the church in pursuing reconciliation efforts over the past three decades. McNeil calls the church to repair the old reconciliation paradigm by moving beyond individual racism to address systemic injustice, both historical and present. It’s time for the church to go beyond individual reconciliation and “heart change” and to boldly mature in its response to racial division.


Start Your Journey with

Salter McNeil & Associates


If you are a Christian reconciliation leader who wants to be empowered and equipped to transform your local context, we invite you to start your journey now!

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