Campus Coaching

Equipping Multicultural Directors to Lead Systemic Change

Many Multicultural Directors are overwhelmed by bearing the burden of leading those on their Christian college, university, or seminary campuses toward a systemic commitment to reconciliation. 

  • There is an emotional, physical, and spiritual toll placed on these diversity professionals as they embody the value of reconciliation for students, faculty, administrators and staff.

  • Therefore, Multicultural Directors need professional development and training to equip and empower them to lead effectively in this very important and demanding role.

  • There must be a safe space for training and self-care to increase the ability for these diversity professionals to be successful in leading reconciliation efforts on campus.

  • They also need breaks from constantly being in White dominant culture so these diverse staff can have increased longevity and space to be renewed, reconnected, recharged and restored.

If you are a multicultural director, Salter McNeil and Associates invites you to join a one year coaching and training process. During this time, you will be a part of a mutually supportive cohort with other diversity directors. Together you will be equipped with principles and tools on how to implement the roadmap to reconciliation IGuide process on your campus.

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