Church Cohorts

For Pastors and Leaders Committed to Becoming a Reconciling Church

It is deeply disturbing that so many Christians think that reconciliation is some kind of liberal, politically motivated, social agenda that has nothing to do with their faith as followers of Christ.  It is an indictment on the Church that many Christians do not know that the gospel includes a calling to reconciliation across racial, gender, ethnic, social, and cultural barriers. The Church must recover the power to address systemic realities of justice, advocacy and biblical reconciliation. Discipleship is an invitation to follow Jesus into a broken world as ambassadors of reconciliation, healing, wholeness and peace.

It's time for the followers of Jesus to embark on the prophetic journey that leads to reconciliation and transformation in their local context. The Roadmap to Reconciliation IGuide process will give your church the strategy and the tools to implement a 9-month process of reconciliation within your congregation.

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Marisa Gronholz
(Church Cohort 2020)

Scott Sund
(Church Cohort 2021)