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Executive Coaching

Enabling the Strategic Vision of Reconciliation

SMA offers executive coaching to top-level leaders in church, para-church ministries, and Christian organizations. With decades of leadership experience in business and ministry across a broad range of social contexts, SMA partners with leaders who are passionate about integrating reconciliation principles and practices in their church or organization. Executive coaching can help leaders successfully develop and implement a strategic reconciliation plan tailored to bring transformation to the organization and its realm of influence.

SMA offers individual coaching based on the leader’s role, needs and their organization’s social context. The goal is to strengthen the leader’s capacity for strategic vision and implementing that vision. For leaders in new roles or those facing new challenges, the SMA team offers coaching that can bring realization to the vision for a reconciling ministry and community.

In addition to executive coaching, your SMA coach can also work with you to develop a customized multi-phase process to equip you and your organization to move through plan development, implementation and then evaluation. Leaders can expect an approach that offers the SMA distinctives of spiritual leadership and organization acumen. Coaching is done on a virtual basis unless otherwise arranged.

Cost: $250 per hour

Executive Coaching Questionnaire

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