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A 6-12-Month Curriculum Implementation Program
designed to be used alongside Roadmap to Reconciliation (2016),
written by Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil

Your ministry members are the beneficiaries of engaging in this process.
Therefore, we highly recommend that your ministry’s budget committee add this
program to the annual budget. In addition, there may be individual donors within your
ministry who are highly committed to the work of reconciliation and may want to
underwrite this program.
BASIC PACKAGE - Pricing Levels Vary (6- to 12- month period)
Signing up for the Basic Package gives your team access to the IGuide content and accompanying materials. You can choose your own pace, but the program is designed to be completed within a 6- to 12-month period. This package is sufficient for those ministries capable of charting their journey with minimal assistance.

Price for 12-month website access:
$500 – ministries of 100 members or less
$1,000 - ministries of 101-500 members
$1,500 – ministries of 500-1000 members
$2,000 – ministries over 1000 members
$2,500 – to be used by multiple ministries under the same umbrella
(ex: churches within the same denomination)
$3,000 – to be used with a network of ministries
After you purchase your package through PayPal, you will be sent to the NEW MEMBERS page at www.roadmaptoreconciliation.com. Use the signup button to create a member account, you will receive an email when your log-in access to all of the materials for the program is approved, within 2-3 business days.

Terms of Agreement: 
The Basic Package price will be paid in full upon signing up for the program. Since you may initially choose to defer adding additional cohort/specialized benefits, any later additions will be paid when these resources are added to your package.
Download Program Overview PDF

For Individual Ministry or Church

For Group of Ministries or Churches