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Meet Our Team

Committed to the Ministry of Reconciliation Together

Salter McNeil & Associates (SMA) firmly believes that reconciliation cannot be done in isolation; it must be done in community. At SMA, we embody this principle by intentionally working together as a team to train, equip, and empower Christian leaders to be effective agents of reconciliation in their churches, organizations, ministries, and academic institutions. Many of these leaders are aware of the demographic shifts happening around them but are ill-equipped to mobilize and lead churches, organizations, ministries and academic institutions to actively engage in addressing pressing social justice issues. 

Therefore, rooted in God’s mission to reconcile the world, Salter McNeil & Associates provides leadership development training, consulting, executive coaching, and resources that equip faith leaders to develop diverse and inclusive communities of social change, equity, and racial healing. We are intentional about mentoring leaders so they can bravely lead the work of reconciliation in their various spheres of influence. Although there are several people behind the scenes of SMA, here are the team members you may interact with through SMA’s services: 

Our Team

Jonathan Ulanday (he/him/his) is a Filipino-American musician and worship leader, who is passionate about using music and the arts to strategically build radically inclusive, multicultural communities that recognize and celebrate the infinite expressions of the Divine in all people. He is a classically trained, professional musician (Eastman School of Music, B.Mus., DePaul University, M.Mus.), who brings his experience and knowledge to help congregations learn cross-cultural styles of worship and expression. Jonathan is also a reconciliation leader who has extensive experience coaching and training emerging leaders. He is currently the Director of Worship and the Arts at a multiethnic church in Chicago, Illinois.

Won Kim is a bi-vocational minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church and currently serves as Director of Discipleship at New Community Covenant Church-Bronzeville on the south side of Chicago, IL. He is passionate about leadership development with church leaders and racial reconciliation, particularly the calling of Asian-Americans within the multi-racial church. Dr. Kim is an instructional designer and adjunct professor with advanced degrees in Organizational Leadership and higher education management.

Steve Reedy.jpg

Steve Reedy is active in mentorship and reconciliation ministry in Fairfield County, CT, helping churches and organizations pursue reconciliation, and helping individuals become reconciled with God and others. From his experiences as a husband and father in a bi-racial family, and through his background in business and ministry, Steve has a cross-cultural ministry orientation. With a Master of Divinity degree in Missions from Alliance Theological Seminary, he feels called to reconciliation ministry through the role of prophet in the individual, corporate and social dimensions of the role.  Steve has served in leadership positions in church and parachurch capacities in local and global mission settings.


Eunice Lin has served for years as a social worker before entering full-time ministry at her home church in Singapore. She instinctively seeks to bridge differences and create space for people to feel safe and seen. She loves being able to pioneer new work and is passionate about connecting people to help them reach their fullest potential. As a coach, she is most excited about pastoring pastors, and developing and equipping leaders for change. Eunice has also pioneered new ways of “doing church” over the dinner table and bridging the divide between congregants and those in the neighborhood, who would never step in a church because of their differences in faith, economic status, nationality, language, and ability.

Adrienne Reedy.jpg

Adrienne Reedy is a recording gospel artist, worship leader, conference/retreat speaker, discipleship leader and mentor, and visual artist who actively lives life where faith, art and justice intersect. In November 2020, Adrienne was appointed as Wilton (Connecticut) Police Commissioner. In the wake of the social justice protests of 2020, she was offered the position in recognition of her high-profile and ongoing servant leadership in the community. Together with her husband, Steve, she consults with church leaders and the community at-large. As community organizers, they have worked with in Fairfield County hosting monthly dinners to establish safe space for conversations about race in America.

Carol Quinlan-01.jpg

Carol Quinlan joined the SMA team in 2014 as Executive Assistant to Dr. Brenda. In that capacity she manages the back office, and manages all aspects of Dr. Brenda's speaking and travel engagements, as well as her calendar and schedule. If you want to reach Dr. Brenda, you need to go through Carol! In recent years as the cohort model of ministry has grown, Carol finds herself involved in all levels of communication with cohort members, from the application and selection process, through the cohort experience. Carol enjoys serving and supporting and sees her work as more ministry than mere administrative tasks. 

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