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Reflections from my trip to Israel-Palestine

I saw what I was supposed to see,

I learned what I was supposed to learn,

I felt what I was supposed to feel.

Here are the five major lessons learned from my trip:


  1. In order to understand and pray for peace in the middle east, we must hear the story from multiple perspectives. "The true tale of the lion will never be told as long as the hunter tells the story." (African proverb)

  2. The commodification of what is holy makes experiencing the holy land unholy - The Wailing Wall was the most impactful holy site for me, because no one can stop a person from praying authentically from their heart. 

  3. Every preacher should visit the holy land before they begin preaching, to make sure that what they preach/say is accurate. For example, I typically refer to the story of Peter in Acts 10, as an example of why a person might go on the roof to be with God. However, the truth is homes in the middle east were HOT, and people went on the roof simply to keep cool.

  4. Nobody wins in war. When you dehumanize others, you dehumanize yourself.

  5. I was inspired by the indomitable nature of the human spirit to survive in spite of overwhelming odds. I give thanks for the resiliency of the human spirit. "Our existence is resistance!"