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Discerning Assessments

Evaluating the Next Steps for Leaders of Reconciliation

Organizational Discerning Assessments

After completing an intake questionnaire below with background on your organization, key leaders in your organization will meet with the SMA team for two to three discernment interviews. SMA will also conduct tabletop research to help further identify your social, cultural, and ministry context. This will include a review of your organization’s guiding documents, website, social media platform, and current practices. 

You will receive a report with the SMA team’s assessment of your context  with practical suggestions and customized strategies for action. The SMA team will meet with your organization’s leadership to explain the report, answer any questions, discuss your next steps, and help you connect with other like-minded organizations and resources.

Cost for church / organization assessment: $500-$1,000 (based on congregational / organizational size)

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Discerning Assessment for Churches & Organizations Questionnaire

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