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Roadmap to Reconciliation
Ministry Readiness Self-Assessment

As a leader who is considering the Roadmap to Reconciliation process, reflecting on the following questions can help determine if your church or ministry organization is sufficiently ready!

Please ponder the following, and then on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 meaning “Needs a great deal of attention” and 5 meaning “We are very strong”) rate your ministry in the following areas:

1. Your ministry has demonstrated a genuine commitment to pursuing racial


2. The pastor/senior leader of your ministry fully supports the importance of
reconciliation and approves implementing this initiative in local context.

3. Your ministry is able to engage consistently in this process over an extended period
of time.


4. Your ministry is prepared to allocate financial resources to support this reconciliation


5. The senior leader/pastor is committed to casting a biblical vision for racial
reconciliation by speaking/preaching publicly on this issue.


6. There is adequate racial and ethnic diversity in your ministry to participate in this
reconciliation initiative.

If you feel satisfied that your ministry is ready to participate in this process,

please click PURCHASE IGUIDE and you will be directed to our store. Shortly after your payment has been made through PayPal, you will receive your login information to access all the materials and additional resources for the program.

If your responses are mostly 1s and 2s, this might suggest that you should wait until there is more support for this initiative within your ministry. Use this assessment as a starting point to prepare your leadership for future readiness to engage in this process. In addition, please submit your ministry information below so Salter McNeil & Associates can follow up with you in the future.