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Implementation Guide

The "Roadmap to Reconciliation: Implementation Guide" is a one-stop resource to inspire, equip, and train an emerging generation of leaders.

The Roadmap to Reconciliation Implementation Guide (IGuide) is a 6- to 12-month program designed to be used alongside “Roadmap to Reconciliation” by Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil. This one-of-a-kind strategic process empowers ministry leaders to effectively implement reconciliation principles and practices in their ministry context. It is an online resource that is contextual and practical for ministries that are ready to intentionally create a culture of reconciliation that leads to systemic change.


Through this program, Christian leaders will be equipped with a clear sense of vision based on a proven model; a deeper theology to teach and lead from; a more well-informed ability to facilitate discussions on the intersection of faith and justice; a guiding set of principles from which to orient themselves along the journey; numerous real life examples to be inspired from; and a comprehensive plan for approaching this call from a Christ-centered, missional perspective.


Purchase the Roadmap to Reconciliation: IGuide

Your purchase includes:

(1) The complete PDF workbook of all seven IGuide Phases

(2) Video and PowerPoint content to supplement all seven IGuide Phases

(3) A Salter McNeil & Associates consultant to help launch the IGuide process and technical support if needed

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